What if this was MY child?

30 Nov

This video is one of many that have spoken to my heart… I was brought to tears… and shame… and conviction…

I have few deep passions and convictions… one has always been young girls and teaching them about godliness and modesty… the other is children. Black, white, coloured… it matters not… this video relit that flame of burden in my heart. What can I do about it? What can I do for the children that are fatherless… motherless?

I live in a country that is wrought with poverty, HIV; babies get dumped in black bags in fields by mother who do not want them… This is MY backyard… Africa is full of lost children who need love and who need Jesus. What am I doing sitting at home comfortably every day thanking God for all the great things I have, buying lovely things for my son… What if that WAS my son? I would do the same… I would call everyone I know, and make them go get him… why am I still sitting here?


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