Birth Story: Elijah David

21 Dec

You all know by now that Elijah was born via “elective” c-section on 10 December 2010.

I say “elective” because you will also know how fervently I wanted a natural birth.

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At my 39 week check up, the gynae checked his head, and it was still “floating” with no sign of engaging. According to a retired gynae my mom spoke to this is not the norm, as babies tend to engage around 36 weeks. Which is in part why we ended up having the caesarean. The other reason was because when my doctor did the ultrasound, it showed that Eli would be around 4kg at the time. This would mean, should we wait for labour, that he would likely get stuck and then I would be rushed in for an emergency c-section. There was no real choice, but have an elective caesar. So doctor booked me in for the next day.

We were admitted to the hospital at 11am on the Friday, I was taken to my bed and hooked up to a foetal monitor, to listen to the “Durban July” (the baby’s heart beat which sounds like a horse race). Everything was fine, and I had to don the beautiful gowns that the hospitals issue. We then just had to wait… the anaethetist came to see me at about 1 to ask a million questions about my medical history and such-like. They gave me some VILE “antiacids” and anti-nausea meds. This on a stomach that had eaten at 6:30am last… Not cool.

At 2pm, the theatre nurse came to fetch me… I almost died of nerves. Sitting on the bed being wheeled to theatre was the scariest time of my life (that far anyway). They left me hooked up to a blood pressure monitor while taking Chris to get dressed in scrubs… which I really wish I had a photo of, as he looked pretty cute.

Next I was taken into the OR, and Chris had to wait until I was totally prepped before he could come in. This was so scary for me. The nurses and doctors were great though, constantly reassuring me and holding my shoulders when the spinal was being administered. Its the freakiest feeling having this warm feeling go down your legs and then they are a dead weight. I kept thinking “What if this is permanent…”

The fun part came when they had to insert the IV drip and catheter… I don’t think there is anything weirder… But anyway… Then I was ready, and they let Chris in, and my gynae arrived. Chris sat at my head and was supposed to talk to me to reassure me, but the procedure was so fast that just when he was about to start, they were showing Elijah to me. It was 14:48. (apparently he wee’d all over when they took him out…)

I just cried… He was all blue and bloody, but he was mine… and beautiful.

The paediatrician took him to do the APGAR test (which he aced – 9/10 both times, just lost a point for colour…). Chris stood by and watched them clean him and wrap him up. Then they let me hold him for 2 seconds… he just cried… but he was mine…

Chris went with him to the nursery for the observations and weighing etc. We had decided before hand that unless something was wring with Eli, Chris would KMC (kangaroo care) him, and the nurses agreed to this. While I was being held in recovery for further observations and all, Chris was able to bond with his son. It seems that this boy was hungry though because he sucked Chris’s finger the whole time, until he was able to be brought to me for the first feed. He weighed 3.680kg and was 49cm with a head circumference of 35cm… so he was a sturdy baby.

Unfortunately I don’t remember much after the recovery, as I was on so many pain killers and things, that I was pretty doped. I know my folks and the in laws came to visit and they all oohed and aahed about this precious child. I also remember being starving and thirsty, but was not allowed anything until the next day…They just continued giving me pain meds via IV and even some shots… it was crazy! But at least I couldn’t feel the pain of the incision.

All in all, even though the birth was not at all what I had planned or dreamed of, it worked out well, we still have the miracle baby we so wanted, and we know that God is in control and He was there with us from day one.

Elijah is such a content baby and he is so sweet and peaceful (this will probably change, but for now, I am loving every minute… of sleep-deprived motherhood). My mom says he is so content because I am calm and was calm through my pregnancy, and because he is such a wanted baby. No child has ever been this loved or desired.

I praise the Lord that He blessed us with Elijah and I hope we will be able to raise him in a way that he will one day follow the Lord, and be a godly man.


2 Responses to “Birth Story: Elijah David”

  1. Leanne Preuss December 21, 2010 at 10:00 #

    Hey, Lizanne. What a lovely blog you have. Elijah looks too cute. It was great reading about your experience. All the best with the ‘sleeping’.

  2. kerry December 27, 2010 at 13:29 #

    Lovely story! So glad you are enjoying him so much. We are so very glad for you. Children are a great blessing from the Lord. Ours make us laugh so much and they bring out all the sin that is in me too! And of course when you realise how sinful you are, you are so very thankful to Jesus for covering all of it. So they are a blessing in some obvious ways and some not so obvious ways too.

    We are delighted for you. Adn I was also deligted to read that Mark Driscoll has really been an encouragement to Chris as well. We are very thankful for that too.

    big hugs
    Craig and Kerry

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