6 Jan

Newborns are hard work… and anyone who says otherwise is mad! I love my son, more than most things… but he’s one hectic handful. He is one of those babies that you can’t just put down and leave, he wants to be held. Now I know, I could leave him to cry until he stops… but what will that achieve? He will just have abandonment issues and I will be distraught at listening to him cry.

He also has a habit of spitting up… alot… on everything. Makes me wish I had a maid to do the laundry everyday… and clean the house since I don’t get the chance. Its a miracle if I manage to get dressed and shower… even eat.

Sleep is for the dead… I haven’t slept properly, not a whole night, nor soundly in almost a month. This in itself is not a problem, but it is tough when you have to still function as a normal human for the rest of the world. Because life goes on.

Now, before you all think I am complaining, I really am not, I am adapting to my new life, this role that God gave me, and that I prayed for, for so long. I am so blessed, because despite his somewhat frustrating quirks, my son is my little sunshine monkey. I wouldn’t trade him for anything, not even a good night’s sleep.

On a side note: I need to say that my husband is a legend… he was amazing while I was in hospital, and spent so much time with us, bonding with Elijah and helping me. I know he is frustrated with my sleeping patterns, and being woken up at night by crying, and having to deal with a wife who can do naught but look after a baby (although I really want to cook and clean too…). I know that its hard for him sharing me with the boy, but I am sure it will improve once he’s older and we have a routine, then I will be freer to watch movies and play XBox and all the things we used to and that I know he would love me to do with him. I am just so proud of him as a dad, for changing nappies and bathing Elijah the first few times, when I was too scared to, and for supporting me when I struggled with breastfeeding.

Elijah is lucky to have Chris as a dad and I am lucky to have him as my husband.

So honey, I love you – even though I am mostly a useless-milk producing-zombie at the moment.

5 Responses to “Adapting”

  1. Mr Pitt January 6, 2011 at 09:35 #

    Finest zombie in town… 🙂 Love you too.

  2. scaredmom January 6, 2011 at 11:55 #

    Now I know, I could leave him to cry until he stops… but what will that achieve? He will just have abandonment issues and I will be distraught at listening to him cry.

    Just a note on this, leaving them to cry even just 5 min will not cause abandoment issues actually it will help them to learn to self sooth and it gives you a second to go and pee. if you hold him the entire day, a) he will never learn to self sooth and you will have a 3 year old wanting to sit on your hip the entire day and not understand why they cannot, b) you need to have a minute for yourself as well because neglecting this that will make you happy (cook a meal, clean your home, do things fo ryour hubby and do things just for you, like making clothing and decorating)remember a unhappy resentful mommy wil end up having an unhappy baby – so the point im trying to get to crying a little is not bad for him.

    • Lizanne January 7, 2011 at 15:04 #

      I know what you mean, Charlotte, however if I am able to get to him and pick him up, I will. He will learn to self soothe, and I would let him cry a bit if I need to go to the loo or shower. But thankfully I have a sling and a Kanga pouch, so I can carry him on me for the rest, like cooking and cleaning. Crafty things and arty things will wait till I have energy and he is more in a routine. For now the focus is on him, and somehow finding time for my husband 🙂

  3. Cindy January 6, 2011 at 11:56 #

    You’re doing a great job Mrs Pitt! Being a milk producing zombie is the best thing you can be right now (although the zombie bit is a bit scary – have you eaten Charlie’s brain yet?). Forget about the house, I’m sure Chris will help out. Plus it will eventually get easier 😉

    • Lizanne January 7, 2011 at 15:07 #

      Thanks my friend! Charlie doesn’t have a brain to eat…so she’s safe 😉 As you’ll see from today’s post, I am getting into cleaning slowly, which makes me feel much better. I’m sure it will get easier, he’s almost a month old now, so we’ll be fine!

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