15 Things that change when you have a baby

11 Jan

1. You finally stop to smell the roses, because your baby is in your arms.

2. Where you once believed you were fearless, you now find yourself afraid. [See a reader’s perspective in #22, below.]

3. The sacrifices you thought you made to have a child no longer seem like sacrifices.

4. You respect your body … finally.

5. You respect your parents and love them in a new way.

6. You find that your baby’s pain feels much worse than your own.

7. You believe once again in the things you believed in as a child.

8. You lose touch with the people in your life whom you should have banished years ago.

9. Your heart breaks much more easily.

10. You think of someone else 234,836,178,976 times a day.

11. Every day is a surprise.

12. Bodily functions are no longer repulsive. In fact, they please you. (Hooray for poop!)

13. You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself.

14. You become a morning person.

15. Your love becomes limitless, a superhuman power.



2 Responses to “15 Things that change when you have a baby”

  1. kerry January 17, 2011 at 12:34 #

    I loved this list. it’s very true. And so very true about fear as well. I used to be fearless to. Now I have to pray all the time for God to help me to trust Him with my children.

    and another thing for your other list… (if you ever get enough money) is the African baby carrier. It’s an ergonomialclly designed baby carrier that doesn’t break your back or neck. And BTW. Elijah is gorgeous!

    • Lizanne January 17, 2011 at 17:10 #

      Thanks Kerry… I checked that carrier out now, will look into it… but for now the sling and the Kango will have to suffice… but he is getting heavy…

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