What I have learnt so far…

17 Jan

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  • Dirty nappies are bad… but picking  up dog poop is worse.
  • Breastfeeding is hard, but once you relax and have been given help with latching, it becomes much easier, and rewarding.
  • Babywearing, in a sling, or a pouch or wrap, is the best way to function normally again, and be able to have a calmer baby. Elijah sleeps in the sling, and I can actually do dishes and get the house cleaned. Oh…. and BLOG.
  • I can actually function on less sleep, although I think its more a case of interrupted sleep rather than deprived sleep. Elijah goes to sleep around 7 or 8pm and then wakes at about 11 or 12pm for a feed, then he sleeps until about 3, feeds and the sleeps until 6am or sometimes 7am. Not half bad considering… although the feeding and changing and winding takes a lot out of you.
  • I understand why people chose to co-sleep, at least for a while, its sooo much more convenient, and baby is much happier knowing he won’t have to cry, usually I manage to wake up and have him latched before he even had a chance to cry. Or at least I try… but even so, I can hear the changes in his breathing and it makes it so much easier, and it sets my mind at ease knowing I can just put my hand on his tummy to check breathing. Saves on nonsense like baby monitors and all. I don’t know how much longer we will have him in our room, but will enjoy it while I can…
  • Babies make a phenomenal amount of laundry… and not just their own… I have had to change almost once a day, and then their the quilts and couch covers … much laundry indeed. (and while I typed this the sling got puked on…thats the second sling in 2 days)
  • Babies sleep really loudly, Elijah “talks”, moans, and cries in his sleep, thats not even the breathing that he does.
  • Recovering from a c-section is NOT for sissies! Anyone who thinks a caesarean is the easier birth option, needs to come talk to me. Its HARD! Yes, there is no pain for the birth, BUT the pain starts when the anesthetic wears off and continues for almost 6 weeks, I still have pain when I feed him, and he nudges my scar.
  • There is very little glam about motherhood… rewarding yes, lots of love yes, but not glam.
  • It is possible to look like you have slept for hours, and had ages to pick your outfit (even if it changes hourly). I am lucky that my hair is looong, and wavy/curly, so its just a wash and leave kind of thing, and with my make up training, I guess I know how to fake that “I’m awake” look. But seriously, there is no excuse for looking like crap when you are a mom.
  • Going to the toilet and a 5min shower is me-time!
  • Breastfeeding is amazing, but it would be awesome if men could do it too, just so moms could get a break every now and then.

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