1000 Things and 2nd blogiversary

18 Jan

I have been following Ann Voskamp’s blog for a while… wow that lady can write! Now she’s written a book, which I really hope comes to South Africa soon! I am dying to read it. She’s been making lists of things she sees as gifts in her life, for a while now. I actually started doing it too, but as it was in a notebook, I ended up forgetting to do it. I want to try doing it on my blog, it won’t be a set thing, just whenever I have a few things together, I will list them. Its a kind of gratitude journal without it being Oprah-esque.

  1. Smell of baby skin
  2. Hugs from my husband
  3. Having a clean house
  4. A warm shower after a hectic day
  5. Clean, line dried washing
  6. The soft snores of my baby boy
  7. The blood that washed away my sin
  8. A outlet for my thoughts in blogging

PS… My blog is officially 2 years old 🙂 Yay! Now if only I had cupcakes…



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