Mommy Schedule

20 Jan

Now for my schedule, this has to be a bit rough at the moment, as Elijah isn’t in a set routine yet, he sleeps and feeds on demand really, but the rough idea is there.

Morning: 7am-12pm
Quiet time
Pick up house
Play with Elijah – tummy time and dance
Read blogs and check mail

Afternoon: 12pm-5pm
Cook supper
Write blogs
Errands, like shopping etc
Do dishes and vacuum etc
Naptime is in here too

Evening: 5pm-10pm
Bathtime when Chris gets home
Read from Jesus Storybook Bible
Elijah bedtime around 7pm
Supper for us
Chill and get some quality time
Shower (unless I manage to get it in during the day)
Bedtime for me (Elijah sleeps till about 1am, so I get some sleep in)

Thats my rough schedule for now… Any other moms want to share your schedules?


One Response to “Mommy Schedule”

  1. scaredmom January 20, 2011 at 16:15 #

    So mine goes as follows:

    05:30 get up, shower, do hair and make up if I’m not to tired, get kids up, dress kids, pack lunch and check bags, make coffee have a siggy on the way out the door.

    06:30 – 17:45 this is train trip to and from work time.

    17:45 till 20:30- pick up kids from school, go to shop, make supper, play with kids while making supper, feed Lorelai then try to eat, bath kids, play with kids some more, put kids in bed, read story lie with Amandalynn for 10 min.

    20:30 till bed time – Wash dishes & clean kitchen, pick up all the rubbish that my kids could possibly fit into my living room, clean up the outside are where they played and unpacked every toy they ever set eyes on. (Take into consideration that according to Amandalynn she did clean up) unpack & repack school bags (reason why I do it in the evening and before I leave the house: kids can unpack things without you seeing.) Clean their rooms while they are sleeping, Clean my bathrooms, my bedroom, Finally I get to shower (should be about 22:30 now) am maybe if I’m in a real good mood, do my hair.

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