2 months

10 Feb

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My baby boy is two months old… It feels like just the other day when I found out I was pregnant with him. Now he’s already becoming a little person.

  • He gave me his first smile last week, and since then hasn’t stopped smiling at Daddy… Which Chris loves 🙂
  • He has head control down to a fine art, he only needs his head supported when he’s sleeping. Otherwise he actually gets annoyed if you support his head. He keeps it perfectly still 🙂
  • He wants to stand the whole time when some one holds him, no cradling or sitting, only standing, and his little legs are so strong.
  • He has also decided that he doesn’t need to take 3 naps a day, to Mama’s frustration. He now naps maximum twice a day, but I’m not too strict with when, as he fights me if I try make him sleep when he’s not tired, so for now I just let him sleep when he’s tired. That way he sometimes sleeps better at night.
  • He now sits in his bouncy chair for much longer as its now amusing for him, he sits and babbles at it and watches the lights and the animals that move, its precious.
  • He listens to music, and calms down almost immediately, specifically with classical music (wootwoot), and also when he hears my voice he seems to relax (mama’s boy)

We’re going to Mosselbay this weekend, so more photos to follow soon 🙂 Oh, the monkey gets to meet my WHOLE family – ok well some of them 🙂


One Response to “2 months”

  1. Cindy February 11, 2011 at 20:54 #

    Oh my word he’s grown!!

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