Review: Cherub Tree Nappies

11 Mar

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I started using Cherub Tree nappies when Elijah was around 6 weeks old. As you may know I am very into eco-friendly living, so cloth nappies was pretty obvious.

The awesome thing about these ones specifically is that they are one-size-fits-all – so we can use them for the whole time that he’s in nappies. They are so pretty also, in blue, black, red, yellow, lilac and white. I love how easy they are to clean and use.  They are made up of the outside waterproof cover, then 2 inners – one microfibre and one hemp. Each inner can absorb around 250ml, so they are awesomely absorbent. I would totally recommend them to moms who are keen to try cloth. At R135 each, they are on the cheaper end of cloth nappies, and still cheaper than disposables – 2.5 years of disposables costs around R15 480, and for 15 Cherubs its only R2025.  Plus considering disposables take hundreds of years to degrade… cloth is way better for the environment.

Although I have not been paid to review these nappies, I do sell them, so please contact me if you’re interested…


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