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Update: Don’t jump to conclusions

4 Apr

I think everyone read my very upset post from Friday. I would like to now take the time to say, Emilia, the co owner sent me an email apologising for the unfriendly and rude email her staff member sent:

Dear Lizanne

I’m the co owner and founder of Rhubarb & Custard which was established in 2006.
I learned about the email exchange between yourself and our office
late this afternoon. I have read through the emails and am really
disappointed that you received such a short sighed and unfriendly
response. It is with quality customer care and attention that we have
carved a place for ourselves in a very competitive market and today we
have failed you as a potential customer.

I would unreservedly like to apologise to you personally for any upset
our employee has caused you. When I get to the office on Monday, I
will email you the dimensions of the changing bag as I have absolutely
no problem in sharing that with you. We did not “invent the wheel”
when designing this product but are glad to say that it has had very
favourable customer reviews.

With best wishes for a good weekend and renewed apologies,

Emilia Knight
Rhubarb & Custard
076 837 4231

I am quite impressed that she took the time to do this, and would therefore like to retract my encouragement to “boycott” their company. As she rightly says they are a company thats thriving in a competitive industry, so they must be doing something right.

One rotten apple doesn’t always ruin the whole basket…

On that note, I will also say, I have deleted my “blog-cum-online shop” as I was not actively doing anything with it. I will however continue to sell the Cherub Tree nappies and make burp cloths on order for anyone interested.


Best Buddies

1 Apr

Elijah and his friend, Timothy just before their mamas’ bible study social – they take turns sleeping so as to not miss out a single minute of this exciting world!

Cuteness Overload

24 Mar

I am still here – just being kept busy by this rather lively monkey!! Also have been experiencing internet issues… Will be back soon.

For Kim and Rory

17 Mar

Chris’s sister and her family live in the UK, they are children’s workers who work for TnT Ministries. They are both amazing people and write amazing children’s Sunday school and kids club material. The kids are too precious – I’m proud to call these people family. Kim is like my own sister, since I never had one.

Sadly since they live so far they have not yet met Elijah, so I thought they would appreciate a personalised photo from the little monkey 🙂

I emailed it to them, and they were amazed at his writing ability at 3 months 😉

Repost: Reflections on Motherhood

16 Mar

Some of the thoughts on here:

  • Breathe
  • Its ok to be scared
  • Meet other moms
  • Real men change diapers
  • Nobody really knows what they’re doing
  • You will miss your mom
  • Millions of people survive sleep deprivation
  • You are about to meet true love
  • You are the expert
  • Imperfect is the new perfect
  • Let Gramdma spoil them
  • You will make mistakes
  • This too shall pass
  • Your mom was right
  • Sleep now
  • You are beautiful
  • She will have your eyes
  • Take time to fit back into those jeans
  • He is going to get sick…and you will sit up all night just watching him breathe
  • Take time for yourself
  • Google doesn’t have children
  • Forgive yourself
  • Be brave
  • Its ok to want a break

Its amazing being a mom, amazing and exhausting, and scary and precious, I would never have thought I could love someone so instantly, so unconditionally and so fiercely.

Post-Baby Body Thoughts

14 Mar

I’ve never had the perfect figure.

I used to be really thin, in school, when I still did sport. But sadly I did pick up weight slowly after school… losing a ton before the wedding, and picking up more, then losing a whole bunch just before I got pregnant again. While I was pregnant I picked up near on 20 kilograms – which really isn’t so cool, but I enjoyed the chocolates. The thing is, even though I have now lost more than half the weight I gained in pregnancy, my body has changed…

My tummy looks like a roadmap of Cape Town, with the stretch marks. The muscles are weak, there is a huge ugly scar below my belly button. Although my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, they don’t close around my tummy. Its frustrating, and sometimes I get crazy with envy when I walk past the fit, slim girls who have no kids, in their tight jeans.

Then I look at my son.

For nine months he grew inside me, he was nurtured by my body. He grew and grew, and stretched my skin, growing into a kicking little person. They had to cut him out, leaving a forever reminder. Now he’s fed by my body, he’s grown into this beautiful 3 month old little boy, a strong little boy. My body has worked hard, its stretched and pulled and been cut for this little miracle.

Yes, I have weight to lose, from before I was pregnant even. I will never have a flat smooth stomach, I will not be able to wear a bikini in public (not that I really would, modesty and all). But what I have to show for it, is something way more precious, way more beautiful, way more lasting than a perfect body.

I wouldn’t change my body for the world… and its taken me 24 years to realise that.

Review: Cherub Tree Nappies

11 Mar

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I started using Cherub Tree nappies when Elijah was around 6 weeks old. As you may know I am very into eco-friendly living, so cloth nappies was pretty obvious.

The awesome thing about these ones specifically is that they are one-size-fits-all – so we can use them for the whole time that he’s in nappies. They are so pretty also, in blue, black, red, yellow, lilac and white. I love how easy they are to clean and use.  They are made up of the outside waterproof cover, then 2 inners – one microfibre and one hemp. Each inner can absorb around 250ml, so they are awesomely absorbent. I would totally recommend them to moms who are keen to try cloth. At R135 each, they are on the cheaper end of cloth nappies, and still cheaper than disposables – 2.5 years of disposables costs around R15 480, and for 15 Cherubs its only R2025.  Plus considering disposables take hundreds of years to degrade… cloth is way better for the environment.

Although I have not been paid to review these nappies, I do sell them, so please contact me if you’re interested…

3 months

11 Mar

Wow! My teeny baby is now 3 months old… On Tuesday we went for coffee with 3 of the ladies from our antenatal classes, and it was so lovely to see their little babas, and just reminded me how much my monkey has grown!!

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  • He is now smiling a lot more, though mostly at his daddy.
  • He loves bathtime and kicks his little legs in the water creating a crazy wet floor.
  • He actually started sleeping till around 3 or 4am, but thats still only on occasion.
  • He loves playing with his links and bells that are in his car seat, so its all jingly when I drive.
  • He discovered his hands, and now uses them to chew on, or soothe himself, he spits out his dummy and sucks on his hands. I’m keeping a close eye though, as he can’t start sucking his thumb…
  • He still loves to stand, and does a little dance-y thing which is super cute.

Baby Carrier

2 Mar

I have previously raved about baby wearing and slings and such, so you will all know my take. However, since I hurt my back recently I have not been able to “wear” Elijah as often or as long as I’d like in the sling. I was actually wearing him when I went shopping yesterday and I was in a lot of pain in the end, a 6kg baby is no joke.

Luckily my blogging-friend, Taryn and her sister-in-law, Kerry (who is a real life friend of mine) both recommended the African Baby Carrier. Seems its South Africa’s take on the Ergo. It carries the baby’s weight on your hips rather than your back or neck. This is ideal for me. So I have ordered one – the joys of having some freelance work and aunts who spoil my son with money! I hope to get it today or tomorrow, depending on when I get the chance to go to the post office. Will post a review of it once I have used it for a bit.

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Images from Taryn‘s blog

In response to those who criticize new moms

28 Feb

I was reading Fat Mum Slim this morning, and this post just totally made my day. People are SO quick to judge moms with babies and crit us for things. I saw peoples faces in Mugg and Bean yesterday when Elijah was crying non-stop because he was over-tired and refused to sleep, one old lady had this look on her face as if to say “She has no idea what she’s doing, and why is she even in public”. Now, I have never fed my son in public, but should I need to, I damn well will, its natural, and for heavens sake, the child needs to be fed.