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Letter to my son

28 Mar

This letter by another Christian mom really struck  a chord with me… I don’t want my kids to be happy… no siree, I want them to be content in everything and holy before God. I want them to shine His love, not through the cool things they have, but the way they live with Him at the centre. I pray that one day, Elijah and any brothers and sisters he might have will know the love and power of our Lord. That they will be content, good stewards, and strive heavenward, sharing God’s peace, grace and mercy with everyone they meet.

My deepest desire is not that my son be a doctor or a lawyer, but live up to his names and be a man after God’s own heart.


1 month

10 Jan

I can’t believe its been a whole month since Elijah’s birth! He has grown so much 🙂 He is very cute, and pulls the funniest faces…mostly in his sleep. I didn’t know babies were such noisy sleepers! Oh my goodness! But he has been such a joy in our lives in this short time.

He loves his daddy, and seems to get calmer when Chris holds him, generally anyway (if he’s not starving). He also loves his bouncy chair, it vibrates which seems to soothe him, for a short time anyway. One thing he does not like is being still, he has to be moving, either in a pouch, or pram or when you carry him. He also seems to hate having his nappy changed, but tends to calm down when you put his burpcloth on his chest when you do. Very peculiar quirk…

He’s a very thirsty little man, and tends to drink alot more when its hot, and at night his feeds go from 2 hourly to about 3 hourly, he wakes himself. I think he is still a bit confused between day and night, but at least he goes back to sleep after feeds now, only if he’s not jolted awake by being taken into bright light and busy rooms.

I have decided to do photos of him every month, to see how well he’s grown, and how he changes. So here is month one:

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I have adjusted fairly well to motherhood, it has its challenges, but I have managed to figure out how to do my daily tasks with him in a sling or a pouch (I totally advocate babywearing!). My caesar wound has healed well on the outside, I am sure the inside has healed fairly well but until I get the final ok from my doctor, I will still take it fairly easy. Just basic chores and things. I must say I cannot wait to be allowed to drive again and be able to do all the things I used to do, especially exercising. My tummy has shrunk back well, but now I need to tone these muscles so that I can have a flatter tummy… I think breastfeeding really does help for weight loss. This is probably also helped on by the fact that I cannot eat chocolate without giving Elijah really bad cramps. In total I have lost 12kg’s since the birth, so I am pretty amped to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and be able to wear my nice jeans and dresses. Then of course I have a bunch more weight which has to go, but it will go with time and exercise.

All in all its been a challenging month, but I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be a mom and to be blessed with such a precious little life.

Birth Story: Elijah David

21 Dec

You all know by now that Elijah was born via “elective” c-section on 10 December 2010.

I say “elective” because you will also know how fervently I wanted a natural birth.

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At my 39 week check up, the gynae checked his head, and it was still “floating” with no sign of engaging. According to a retired gynae my mom spoke to this is not the norm, as babies tend to engage around 36 weeks. Which is in part why we ended up having the caesarean. The other reason was because when my doctor did the ultrasound, it showed that Eli would be around 4kg at the time. This would mean, should we wait for labour, that he would likely get stuck and then I would be rushed in for an emergency c-section. There was no real choice, but have an elective caesar. So doctor booked me in for the next day.

We were admitted to the hospital at 11am on the Friday, I was taken to my bed and hooked up to a foetal monitor, to listen to the “Durban July” (the baby’s heart beat which sounds like a horse race). Everything was fine, and I had to don the beautiful gowns that the hospitals issue. We then just had to wait… the anaethetist came to see me at about 1 to ask a million questions about my medical history and such-like. They gave me some VILE “antiacids” and anti-nausea meds. This on a stomach that had eaten at 6:30am last… Not cool.

At 2pm, the theatre nurse came to fetch me… I almost died of nerves. Sitting on the bed being wheeled to theatre was the scariest time of my life (that far anyway). They left me hooked up to a blood pressure monitor while taking Chris to get dressed in scrubs… which I really wish I had a photo of, as he looked pretty cute.

Next I was taken into the OR, and Chris had to wait until I was totally prepped before he could come in. This was so scary for me. The nurses and doctors were great though, constantly reassuring me and holding my shoulders when the spinal was being administered. Its the freakiest feeling having this warm feeling go down your legs and then they are a dead weight. I kept thinking “What if this is permanent…”

The fun part came when they had to insert the IV drip and catheter… I don’t think there is anything weirder… But anyway… Then I was ready, and they let Chris in, and my gynae arrived. Chris sat at my head and was supposed to talk to me to reassure me, but the procedure was so fast that just when he was about to start, they were showing Elijah to me. It was 14:48. (apparently he wee’d all over when they took him out…)

I just cried… He was all blue and bloody, but he was mine… and beautiful.

The paediatrician took him to do the APGAR test (which he aced – 9/10 both times, just lost a point for colour…). Chris stood by and watched them clean him and wrap him up. Then they let me hold him for 2 seconds… he just cried… but he was mine…

Chris went with him to the nursery for the observations and weighing etc. We had decided before hand that unless something was wring with Eli, Chris would KMC (kangaroo care) him, and the nurses agreed to this. While I was being held in recovery for further observations and all, Chris was able to bond with his son. It seems that this boy was hungry though because he sucked Chris’s finger the whole time, until he was able to be brought to me for the first feed. He weighed 3.680kg and was 49cm with a head circumference of 35cm… so he was a sturdy baby.

Unfortunately I don’t remember much after the recovery, as I was on so many pain killers and things, that I was pretty doped. I know my folks and the in laws came to visit and they all oohed and aahed about this precious child. I also remember being starving and thirsty, but was not allowed anything until the next day…They just continued giving me pain meds via IV and even some shots… it was crazy! But at least I couldn’t feel the pain of the incision.

All in all, even though the birth was not at all what I had planned or dreamed of, it worked out well, we still have the miracle baby we so wanted, and we know that God is in control and He was there with us from day one.

Elijah is such a content baby and he is so sweet and peaceful (this will probably change, but for now, I am loving every minute… of sleep-deprived motherhood). My mom says he is so content because I am calm and was calm through my pregnancy, and because he is such a wanted baby. No child has ever been this loved or desired.

I praise the Lord that He blessed us with Elijah and I hope we will be able to raise him in a way that he will one day follow the Lord, and be a godly man.

The Beginning

8 Nov

Its actually hard for me to remember exactly when we met… I know I noticed Chris and his family one Thursday evening when I went to band practice with my mom. I was 17 and dating another guy at the time, we had a bit of a messy, rocky relationship. Needless to say I wasn’t really in the market to meet someone.

I didn’t really pay much attention to Chris that time, as I was probably a bit distracted with school etc. However, when he joined our Youth band, I noticed he was pretty cute and friendly. I decided to befriend this guy, as he was new.

Somewhere along the line, I realised I needed to get out of the messy relationship, and although I wasn’t really up for a new boyfriend, I did develop a crush on Chris. (Side note: he originally thought I was older than him – like 25) So being the gutsy girl I was, I asked my friend, Nikki, who knew him from their old church, for his number. I then smsed him to invite him to a braai/get together I was having at my house with a bunch of Youth from the church. Sadly his cell phone was apparently screwy or something was up with the signal… but he did not get my message. That next Sunday, I went up to him and said that he’d missed out on a great braai, and he should have replied. I think that was the same day he asked me for my number (it was May – and my family was going to Mosselbay for the next weekend). I gave him my number, and didn’t think anything of it.

The Friday following, I was in bed in the room I was sharing with my mom in my grandparents house, when I got an sms… It said something along the lines of “Youth was fun tonight. Thought I’d say hi”. This started an sms conversation which lasted till we both couldn’t stay awake… And continued the whole next day and night… Basically until I got home on Sunday. The conversation on Saturday was very much about my current boyfriend, and Chris’s ex. I told him about the messy relationship, and he (the gentleman he is), replied “You deserve someone who will treat you right”. As a bit of a joke, and some flirtation I guess, I replied ” Are you volunteering?” (Thinking he would see the joke and dismiss it…).


That pretty much is where we began… with that one sms. I know, I was terrible for “cheating” on my then-boyfriend, but hey. The rest of the weekend consisted of us discussing what we want in a relationship, and also when to make it official (obviously after I ended it with my boyfriend). But we count that Saturday, the 29th of May, as our dating anniversary.

I met up with my boyfriend that Tuesday I think, and broke it off. I don’t think he was too shocked, he wasn’t as into dating as I was.

That Thursday, Chris and I were officially official, this was confirmed to me, and the whole Youth band, when at practice during the prayer time Chris reached and held my hand. It was brilliant.

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(please note how short my hair was… and he still wanted to date me…)

I know our first date was on a Sunday after church, but I’m not sure if it was the next weekend or exactly when. We spent the whole day at Canal Walk, just walking around, getting to know each other. We had pizza for lunch, and he bought us each keyrings with “Liz” on them, and hematite rings (yeah this boy was forward 😉 ) Sadly I broke both rings eventually, so I can’t even show what they looked like.

The rest, as they say is history… but what I will say is that we said that we loved each other not too long after and we both knew we didn’t want to date anyone else again. We believe that God brought us together, and in all honestly, He’s kept us together thus far.

(disclaimer: this is totally from my side… so Chris might have a slightly different version ;P I’ll post the engagement and wedding at a later stage…)

For Elijah

23 Oct


I have decided to start a new category on this blog, for my kids, Elijah and any that will follow. Obviously everything on it is part of me, and my thoughts and therefore something that they will hopefully cherish one day, but I think its important to record important things for them. If something was to happen to me, I would want them to know how much I love them and also just things about their heritage, which is very colourful at best.

I want to record things like how Chris and I met, and the whole engagement process and our wedding day. Things like where we both grew up and how we were raised, which will bring in the very colourful heritage, being that I was raised by a Dutch mother and Afrikaans father, and Chris’s family is part British, part Rhodesian (Zimbabwe – back in the day). I think its important for all children to know about where their families come from, especially when its such a diverse mix of cultures.

Hopefully, Chris will contribute, as I will need help with “our story” and obviously his childhood. I hope that this will be interesting to the readers also, even though its not written for you specifically.

I am busy working on one of these posts at the moment, so please come back if you’re interested!