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How your daughter dresses matters

30 Mar

I read most of my favourite blogs in Google reader – and today I noticed almost all of them had linked to this post. This mom has made a clear stand for modesty and how important it is to make sure girls/women dress appropriately. As a wife and mother of a son, I pray that women would learn this lesson – for the sake of their own virtue and that of my husband and son. Men don’t need to see every inch of skin. Really. Its hard enough for men with the media bombarding them, why must they see it in malls, work, school and sadly even church?

I hope that one day when I have a daughter, I will be able to be strong enough to model modesty to her, even if it means she’s not popular. Because my children are worth that.


What if this was MY child?

30 Nov

This video is one of many that have spoken to my heart… I was brought to tears… and shame… and conviction…

I have few deep passions and convictions… one has always been young girls and teaching them about godliness and modesty… the other is children. Black, white, coloured… it matters not… this video relit that flame of burden in my heart. What can I do about it? What can I do for the children that are fatherless… motherless?

I live in a country that is wrought with poverty, HIV; babies get dumped in black bags in fields by mother who do not want them… This is MY backyard… Africa is full of lost children who need love and who need Jesus. What am I doing sitting at home comfortably every day thanking God for all the great things I have, buying lovely things for my son… What if that WAS my son? I would do the same… I would call everyone I know, and make them go get him… why am I still sitting here?

My thoughts for today

16 Nov

Yesterday I realised just how true the statement above is. I watched a video made by a friend of Chris’s for his job as a game reviewer, and in the middle of an unrelated clip, the editor had seen fit to throw in a random pair of breasts. It was unnecessary… just as the hundreds of scantily clad women gracing the covers of men’s magazines, and random videos are not really necessary.

Where are the days when women were admired for their elegance, sophistication, style and femininity? Where are the days where instead of ogling half-naked women, men pursued women by charming them with their chivalry and gentility?
Why does our society deem it appropriate to objectify women, and make them s3x symbols? When are we going to take a stand on this?

I am not speaking only as a Christian, but as a women, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother… I don’t want my father, brother, friends, husband or son having this view of women. There should be a respect for women, for their femininity, for their grace… but more specifically women should respect themselves enough to stand up and be feminine and graceful… without dressing prudish, but maintaining an air of mystery.

Men are designed to pursue us, and whats the point when we hand it to them on a platter – our mysteries: physical and emotional. We have no qualms about sharing our bodies with their eyes, whether in low, revealing outfits or tight-painted-on ones. Neither do we seem to see the value of keeping our secrets and our inmost thoughts to ourselves, to share one day with our husbands. By the time a women gets married nowadays, half the male population has either slept with her, or seen almost all of her body, or knows all her thoughts. This is thanks to social networks in part, but mostly the fact that we see nothing as sacred anymore. Our bodies are nothing more than instruments to get as much attention from men as possible.

Some people blame the men, saying they should control their eyes and their thoughts, and yes, they should. But they were designed to be attracted to us, to enjoy the female form… in marriage, and then only their wives. The responsibility does not rest solely on them. We have the responsibility to stand up and fight for sacred femininity, and the grace and elegance that women inherently have. That which really attracts men, that which was given to us for our husbands enjoyment, so we can be helpers and companions to them. Not so that all the world can see our bodies, or our minds, but so that we portray that mystery that we were
intended to.

I am deeply saddened when I see young women walking around malls dressed in skimpy outfits, leaving nothing to the imagination; it saddens me when I see the men around stare at them, and for all the wrong reasons. Have we lost all our self respect? Have we totally lost the desire to be wanted for our charm and grace, as opposed to the shape of our breasts? Why should godly men have to “bounce” their eyes whenever they walk in public, because of all the skin thats shown… for fear that they stumble, or be seen as perverts. Why do men get called perverts when its exactly what we’re asking for when we walk around in our skin tight, low, revealing outfits?

I think its time for women to take a hard look at ourselves and make a change, and decide to be more Audrey Hepburn, with elegance, grace and class, and less like a Victoria’s Secrets model, handing all mystery to the world on a tarnished platter.

Get a Modest Girl to Marry you…

29 Oct

Very funny video! Totally on the ridiculous side… but very good point!

My First Attempt at Maternity Sewing

15 Sep

Since becoming pregnant, I have noticed a serious lack of affordable, pretty, and modest maternity wear. Its so frustrating, knowing I’ll wear something for 4 or 5 months only, and that stores expect me to pay over R300 per top. So I decided to buy some patterns and get sewing. Easier said than done… we couldn’t find a single maternity pattern. In the end my mom and I settled for some tunic style tops, and planned to just widen them or something, to fit my tummy.

Last Saturday I made this top… it did take me about 7 hours from start to finish, but it looks nice and is fairly comfy actually. I will just never try that material again, it was super slippery and I thought I was going to scream. Hopefully when the curtains and wrap that I have to make are done, I shall attempt another top, but from cotton rather.

Please excuse the bad quality photo…

Current favourite maternity outfit

1 Sep
Maternity 31/08/2010

This is one of the hardest things, finding nice modest, comfy clothing to wear that makes me look like a hot-mama not a frumpy dumpy. Luckily for me, my mom made me 2 pairs of maternity jeans which are the BOMB! They are super comfy, look smart, and cost very little. I then found this awesome little grey dress/top (similar to the one in the picture) at Mr Price, for R99, and it looks super cute over the jeans or on its own (though its a tad short). Teamed with my Tsonga boots and a cardi, accessorised with some funky beads… and we’re A for away. Love it!

Carnival of Modesty – April 5, 2010

7 Apr

source: Love Lune

One of my posts has been added to Weekend Kindness‘s Modesty Carnival. Please head over there to check it out 🙂

Fashionable Friday

22 Jan

My taste in clothing and fashion is changing gradually… Here are some of my new favourites:

(this last dress is a touch too short, i’d wear it more like a top, or lengthen it.)

Modesty in the church

10 Jan

A very interesting take on the affect of a woman’s outfit on her Christian brother…

Though all in all I don’t think Christian girls should wear something to the club that they wouldn’t wear to church… Your Christian witness should be evident EVERYWHERE…

Fashionable Friday

27 Dec

Sorry for the delay, I was in the Karoo for the weekend, with no internet or cellphone reception. But better late than never. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Here’s my outfit for today…

Mery Christmas

May you have a blessed day, and may the true meaning of Christmas shine out on this day.