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How your daughter dresses matters

30 Mar

I read most of my favourite blogs in Google reader – and today I noticed almost all of them had linked to this post. This mom has made a clear stand for modesty and how important it is to make sure girls/women dress appropriately. As a wife and mother of a son, I pray that women would learn this lesson – for the sake of their own virtue and that of my husband and son. Men don’t need to see every inch of skin. Really. Its hard enough for men with the media bombarding them, why must they see it in malls, work, school and sadly even church?

I hope that one day when I have a daughter, I will be able to be strong enough to model modesty to her, even if it means she’s not popular. Because my children are worth that.


Letter to my son

28 Mar

This letter by another Christian mom really struck  a chord with me… I don’t want my kids to be happy… no siree, I want them to be content in everything and holy before God. I want them to shine His love, not through the cool things they have, but the way they live with Him at the centre. I pray that one day, Elijah and any brothers and sisters he might have will know the love and power of our Lord. That they will be content, good stewards, and strive heavenward, sharing God’s peace, grace and mercy with everyone they meet.

My deepest desire is not that my son be a doctor or a lawyer, but live up to his names and be a man after God’s own heart.

Mommy Schedule

20 Jan

Now for my schedule, this has to be a bit rough at the moment, as Elijah isn’t in a set routine yet, he sleeps and feeds on demand really, but the rough idea is there.

Morning: 7am-12pm
Quiet time
Pick up house
Play with Elijah – tummy time and dance
Read blogs and check mail

Afternoon: 12pm-5pm
Cook supper
Write blogs
Errands, like shopping etc
Do dishes and vacuum etc
Naptime is in here too

Evening: 5pm-10pm
Bathtime when Chris gets home
Read from Jesus Storybook Bible
Elijah bedtime around 7pm
Supper for us
Chill and get some quality time
Shower (unless I manage to get it in during the day)
Bedtime for me (Elijah sleeps till about 1am, so I get some sleep in)

Thats my rough schedule for now… Any other moms want to share your schedules?

Mommy Menu Plan

19 Jan

I got this idea from Rachel over at Frugal & Simple, and I thought this is the answer to my cooking-time dilemma…


Bi-weekly Menu Plan

Monday (Pasta)

1. Alfredo/Mac and cheese
2.Spaghetti Bolognaise/Lasagne

Tuesday (miscellaneous)

1.Scalloped potatoes with mince
2. Curry and rice

Wednesday (soup/salad)

1.Chicken salad
2.Bacon and egg salad

Thursday (sandwiches)

1.Toasted cheese and ham with salad
2.Party sandwiches

Friday (Pizza night/date night)

1 & 2 Pizza

Saturday (Pancakes/waffles)

1.Pancakes with savoury filling

Sunday (braai/burgers)

2.Burgers with chips and salad