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4 Apr





Don’t jump to conclusions

1 Apr

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I really don’t like making a scene unless one is called for – but today I feel there is.

I have been searching for a funky, mommy friendly nappy bag since I was pregnant. Its lank hard to find affordable ones that one would actually want to wear. Oh, I have found millions of tutorials to make, but my sewing skills are limited and now my time too.

Then yesterday I found the most beautiful bag – in my price range – but sadly, there were no size indications. As any mom of a baby knows, you leave the house with everything AND the kitchen sink… So I need a good size bag. Therefore I did what any normal person would do… I emailed the company to ask for measurements. Now, please note – the picture on there site is barely a thumbnails with no option for enlarging – so I can’t see how the bag is made or anything. Another thing you need to know is I attempted (it never took off), an online baby shop with stuff I made. The only stuff I now sell are Cherub Tree nappies.

Here is the response I got from the shop I emailed:

Hi Lizanne

Before replying to your mail, I went to have a look at your
blog-cum-eshop. Because of what I saw there, I will not be giving you
the measurements of our changing bag. I would also like to make clear
that Rhubarb and Custard does not give you permission to place any of
our images on your website, as you have done with other people’s
products that you plan to copy.



I will be looking up all the images you ahve used, and notifying the

Yes the email is incomplete, she sent it unfinished… But here is the thing:

  1. My baby shop never went public – no one ever ordered or even viewed it.
  2. I was purely mailing as a person interested in buying – she could have asked me WHY I wanted the measurements first.
  3. About the images, I did a credit on the “shop” site, as I always do when using other images than my own.
  4. As my shop was mainly geared at friends in the first place I was unaware that its a sin to make and sell things that millions of other people also do.
  5. I emailed this very rude woman back to say I will never buy her products, or shop at anyone who stocks them.
  6. I also said I would tell everyone I know not to buy there… Call that overreacting? I think maybe professionalism was called for, not to be treated like a common thief, without her checking facts.

I would never usually have done this kind of blog post – but I have not even received an apology – they can just be glad I have limited readership.

Andrea’s Kitchen Tea

21 Jan

My friend Andy is getting married on Saturday… and we had her Kitchen tea on the 8th of January. I thought I’d share some pics 🙂 It was the epitomy of girly (she’s the princessy sort). She actually does princess parties for girls, as well as teaching music. Very talented lady.

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Blog Lovin

19 Jan

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I have decided to give this new reader a try… check it out 🙂

2011 Goals

5 Jan

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I hate New Year’s resolutions… no one ever sticks to them! But I have some goals that I would like to achieve this year…

  • Get my family into eating REAL food – for health and shape purposes
  • Exercise more – taking Elijah for walks and also doing callanetics again
  • Save more money – by doing outdoorsy things rather than hanging around shopping malls unnecessarily
  • Craft and sew more – last year I planned to make clothes for myself, but with the pregnancy I didn’t really get around to it, this year I want to start doing that. Also making more creative things to decorate the house and gift people.
  • Eat more ice cream
  • Draw – Chris gave me a whole bunch of drawing books and sketch pads and pencils… so I want to get back into the arty side of me.
  • Spend as much time with my little family as possible

What are your goals this year?

Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Remember the reason we celebrate Christmas 🙂 even before there was cake, and presents… there was the promise of a Saviour, who was born of a virgin and came to die for our sins.

All Sorts of Pretties

22 Dec

I really like colorful things… They make me happy…

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Cute Pic

28 Nov


24 Nov

My laptop died a very sad death this week – and is VERY sorely missed… Although I now have tons more time on my hands. Its incredibly frustrating not being able to blog/skype/email whenever I want, but c’est la vie, I suppose. I will therefore be pretty silent on the blogging front, except for the odd times I can steal the husband’s laptop or borrow my brothers.

Just thought I’d let you all know!

Christmas List

11 Nov

My Christmas Wishlist is different to my general wishlist… in case you think I’m overdoing it 😉

Love makes a Family